Donations FAQ

1. How it works

We donate 10% of gross profits to registered New Zealand charities!

2. Which New Zealand Charities?

We select a different charity each month that we believe in.  We are strong supporters of health, wellness, and ambulance related charities.

3. What is this month's Charity?

October 2022 is St. John Ambulance. It is also listed in the banner on the top of our homepage.

4. When do we make the donations?

4.1 We disburse our donations from Koupons sold during a calendar month on the 20th of the following month.

4.2 During March we host our annual Kiwi Koupon Charitable Donations Media Party where seats are allocated to anyone interested in coming (seats may be limited), donation amounts for each charity are released to the public, and top Merchants receive awards and certificates for their participation with the Kiwi Koupon platform. (the Merchants which we sold the most Koupons for per category).

5. Can I see how much each Charity received?

We will publish this information here:

6. Whose name are the donations made on behalf of?

6.1 All donations are made on behalf of Kiwi Koupon Limited, with an attached list of the participation Merchants whose Koupons we sold.

6.2 Merchants receive a certificate stating the total amount donated to Charity from Koupons sold associated with their business.  

6.3 Merchants can display their certificates on premise, share on social media and/or their website, and use them for additional Public Relations opportunities.

6.4 Individuals who purchase Koupons and Merchants who associate with Kiwi Koupon do not receive a charitable donation tax receipt.